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South Luangwa National Park

Owned by Wilderness Trails Ltd, The 850ha Chibembe Wildlife Reserve is located in the South Luangwa Valley, with 3kms river front land on the boundary of the South Luangwa National Park. As the animals graze along the river, guests have the opportunity to take pictures and enjoy a real safari experience from the comfort of their deck chair. The area is world renowned for guided walking trails, made famous by the first Norman Carr safari camp, on which the Chibembe Wildlife Reserve is located.

The Vision

The vision for the Chibembe Wildlife Reserve(CWR) is to offer a world class and diverse safari experience to the global safari traveller, whilst maintaining and protecting a wildlife haven between the park and the surrounding game management area. CWR also play a crucial role in job creations for the Mwanya Community.

World class and
diverse safari experiences

Walking Safaris – South Luangwa National Park

Enjoy morning and afternoon escorted walking safaris from Chibembe Reserve into South Luangwa National Park or on the Reserve around Chibembe lagoon. We also offer overnight walking safaris from Chibembe Reserve into the park and overnighting in bush camps surrounding the reserve

World class and
diverse safari experiences

Game Drives – South Luangwa National Park

Morning and Afternoon Game drive excursions into the Nsefu Sector approx 20 minutes south of Chibembe Reserve – excellent area for game viewing with must see excursions to the famous Yellow Billed Stork Colony (mid May to early July) and extensive colonies of Carmine Bee Eaters in September /October.

Afternoon / Night drives (15.30 to 18.00hrs) into the Nsefu Sector organised by Chibembe Safari operator.

Kalovia Island excursions (North of Chibembe Reserve) organised through Chibembe safari operator.

All day picnic excursions into Nsefu Park and Luambe National Park – Chibembe Safari operator.

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