The vision of Norman Carr to shoot wildlife with cameras rather than rifles was born and bred at Chibembe in the 1970s.  Portered walking safaris, known as ‘wilderness trail’ safaris, immersed the visitors in the wilderness with 3 to 6 night safaris moving from camp to camp whilst luggage was transferred by porters.  The Chibembe experience, where it all began, is a safari experience like no other!

The Chibembe Experience

Traditional portered ‘wilderness trail’s safaris from four days to seven days in the remote north-east corner of the South Luangwa National Park.

Chibembe Bush Camps

Chibembe Bush Camps provide a comfortable ‘glamping’ experience in the remotest areas of the South Luangwa National Park.

Private Tented Camps

Chibembe’s Private Tented Camps offer families and small groups the opportunity to enjoy their safari experience together, without the obligation to interact with others.

Chibembe Safari Camp

Opening in 2021 Chibembe Safari Camp will provide comfortable accommodation for upto 12 guests in six well appointed tents on the confluence of the Chibembe and Luangwa Rivers overlooking the South Luangwa National Park.